Ultralight Compact Quick Drying Towel

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It suit for all sports; all terrains; all purpose; evaporative cooling towel
· It absorbs moisture and sweat and keeps you cool for hours during a workout, hard ride, tough climb, or any other strenuous activity. Whether playing tennis, golf or soccer, or working in the heat of the day, the sports towel is all about keeping you cool. It uses reinforced evaporative mesh (inside) for extra strength, and can be cut to size for fit and comfort.
· Rinse sports towel with warm water before using for the first time.
· Keeping it wet will allow its moisture to evaporate and continue cooling for hours.
· If the towel begins to dry out, simply re-wet and keep cooling.
· The sports towel will last for years of re-use. Wring out and roll for storage and re-wet for renewed cooling.
· Machine or hand wash with liquid detergent.
Dimension: About 88 x28cm

How to use it
When get wet, the sports cooling towel becomes considerably cooler than the outside air and provides cooling relief.
Simply soak the towel in cold water for 5s-10s and place it around your neck or over your head. Cooling Towel is
effective for hours to keep you cool and comfortable while doing your favorite activities at home or on the go.

Package Included:
1 x Sports Towel

USD 3.48-3.49/pieceUSD 3.84/pieceUSD 2.93-3.99/pieceUSD 1.97/pieceUSD 3.21/pieceUSD 3.21/pieceUSD 11.83/pieceUSD 1.77-3.49/piece

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 22 x 11 x 11 cm
Brand Name:



Pocket, Multi Tools


Ultra Absorbent


100% Polyester


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