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  • coconut-street-food
    Adventure Vlog

    Are Coconuts Street Food?

    Final day here in Sierra Leone. Time to get back on the motorbikes into town and a mandatory drone session. Are Coconuts Street Food? But the important question. Do Coconuts count…

  • road-to-makeni
    Adventure Vlog

    Back on the road to Makeni

    We’re back on the road to Makeni. Our time in the Northern Regions of Sierra Leone was up. We had plans to get back to Makeni and film more around the…

  • jungle-on-motorbikes
    Adventure Vlog

    Motorbikes. Jungle. Sierra Leone

    Into the Jungle on Motorbikes… What an amazing combination! The WildMinds team embarked on a journey into the remote areas of the Northern regions of Sierra Leone. What better way to…

  • excitement-overload
    Adventure Vlog

    Excitement Overload

    Day three in Sierra Leone and there’s much excitement. Today we’re headed out to the next village of Kamaha. Upon arrival at the village, we encountered a few locals. It seemed…

  • Adventure Vlog

    We Found our Way 👏

    Good news! We found our way. All has worked out well. It’s DAY 2 in Sierra Leone. We’ve managed to get to the village of Kamakwie and found our contact. Adventure mode…

  • going-to-sierra-leone
    Adventure Vlog

    Going to Sierra Leone!

    Cannot believe we’re finally going to Sierra Leone. Not a country I ever thought I would visit. It’s an exciting adventure we’re embarking on. In 2015, my friend Charlie encountered a man by…

  • new-drone
    Adventure Vlog

    maaaayyybe I need a NEW DRONE…

    I’ve 3 hours to get down to Devon….. This is going to be a long, but worthwhile day. Filming outdoors is sooooo weather dependent. This project was no different and the…

  • tough-mudder
    OCR Running Vlog

    What is Tough Mudder like?

    Tough Mudder London South 2016 What an event! This is my first Tough Mudder, but not my first challenge of this type. I’ve run obstacle course races (OCRs) in the past,…