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  • Sierra-Leone-Gear-List-Blog

    Sierra Leone Gear List

    Choosing my Sierra Leone gear list was a difficult task. I wanted a balance between mobility and high quality. What do I mean by that? I needed gear that was easy…

  • reasons-to-visit-sierra-leone

    5 Reasons to Visit Sierra Leone

    There are so many reasons to visit Sierra Leone, but let me give you just five to put Sierra Leone on your travel radar. Last October, I travelled to Sierra Leone…

  • coconut-street-food
    Adventure Vlog

    Are Coconuts Street Food?

    Final day here in Sierra Leone. Time to get back on the motorbikes into town and a mandatory drone session. Are Coconuts Street Food? But the important question. Do Coconuts count…

  • road-to-makeni
    Adventure Vlog

    Back on the road to Makeni

    We’re back on the road to Makeni. Our time in the Northern Regions of Sierra Leone was up. We had plans to get back to Makeni and film more around the…

  • jungle-on-motorbikes
    Adventure Vlog

    Motorbikes. Jungle. Sierra Leone

    Into the Jungle on Motorbikes… What an amazing combination! The WildMinds team embarked on a journey into the remote areas of the Northern regions of Sierra Leone. What better way to…