Higher Aerials Drone Stock Footage

We’ve been exceptionally quiet on the BeAdventurous front, but other projects have been pulling my attention elsewhere – momentarily! One of the larger projects that has had my focus has been my work on Higher Aerials (http://dronestockfootage.co.uk). If it wasn’t obvious from the URL, Higher Aerials is where I have been compiling all the Higher Aerials Drone Stock Footage.

In my line of work, it is easy to finish projects and never look back at the terabytes of data stored on hard drives around the office. I didn’t want that to go to waste.

Higher Aerials, What?

Higher Aerials Drone Stock Footage – ‘Higher Aerials’ for short.

Late one evening after a serious editing session – mostly 4K drone footage – I was about to close down the project and archive it away. However one of my bad habits got in the way – checking whether certain domains have been registered. I wondered un-optimistically if the keywords ‘Drone’, ‘Stock’ and ‘Footage’ were in any way registered.

To my utter amazement http://dronestockfootage.co.uk, was available. And in that order, no swapping out words for little known search terms and no crazy dot-something.

That was it I was buying it, and would spend the next few months working on the website between projects (This was of course not my main job, but a passion project – and shouldn’t be given too much of my time).

Where are we now?

Well, the good news, is the website is live and it has been populated with what I would consider enough content to begin sharing it without feeling like it’s a half finished product.

To date, I have already released four sets of 4K drone footage (previews below ). I am already proud of the work that went into them, but also that I get to share them and not leave them to collect ‘digital dust’ on a hard drive somewhere.

Here is a link to the latest release, which you can see below – visiting the incredible Puka Beach in the Philippines (LINK):


There’s more?

I never wanted it to stop at Drone Stock Footage – Stills are a huge part of any project, so we incorporated Photography and Prints into our catalogue on Higher Aerials.

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I am delighted to say we already have a fantastic community that is constantly growing on our Instagram profile (@HigherAerials). My favourite part of that community is we encourage other creators to feature their work though our hashtag #HigherAerials

Everyday I get to see the work of other great aerial photographers and have the opportunity to share their insane creations with our community.

Higher Aerials Drone Stock Footage Gear

As with most of my articles I like to share a bit of the BTS, and in particular the gear i am using on projects. In this case it’s nice and simple:

NB: Whilst the Mavic Pro is not yet in my kit bag… It will be 


Whilst this has been a very specific look at my Higher Aerials gear list. There is always more to squeeze in my bag on projects, so here is a better look at my favourite gear I take with me on my adventures.

My Gear List: VLOGGING KIT (On the Road)

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