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It’s one of the biggest moments of your drone career. That moment you first fly a drone over water.

Hopefully you’ve seen the first article for inspiration to fly a drone over water, and you’ve gone out and done it. If not see below.

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In my Experience

The first few time’s you were cautious, they don’t count. This time you’re at maximum altitude and pushing the stick forward and away from you. Your palms are getting sweaty and you’re asking yourself when is the point at which you should consider bringing the drone back in.

Well I’m here to tell you, not yet. You are almost always guaranteed to get some of your best images or footage at these moments. If photography is all about capturing new perspectives, then this is it. You’re about to capture a view no one has likely seen, unless they happen to own a helicopter.

Keep pushing the controls forward and away from you. Ignore the desire to bring the drone back to dry land. Here are some of my favourite examples of when I took my own advice.

Fly a Drone Over Water

Time to hit the beach, regardless of the season, you’ll get great results.

How close do you dare to get?

Waves are my favourite. When I talk of perspectives, straight down is always powerful.

Their raw power captivates me.

Framing up your shot can be challenging, but again it’s rewarding when you see it back home on your laptop screen.

On the South coast of the United Kingdom, sailing is a big deal.


Probably commuting to work. Positives to take here is the guys on the boat were waving at the drone 👍

Inspiration to Fly a Drone over Water

There you have it, I have given you another 7 amazing reasons why you should embrace the fear and fly a drone over water.

The initial fear will be replaced by excitement as you realise you’re capturing something new, that only you have seen… Until you post it on Instagram!

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