Rooftop Timelapses in Manila, Philippines | Instagram Stories #4

You may not always catch them, but here are my Instagram Stories. A new feature on – Follow Red’s (BeAdventurous Founder) adventures via his Instagram Stories – originally posted on his Instagram.

Instagram Stories #4

Background – 27th December, woken up to our second day in Manila, Philippines 🇵🇭 Taking the time to appreciate the city, sun and beers.

Photo 1

Good morning! New hotel, new incredible views across the city.

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Photo 2

Still working. I didn’t want to work from my room, found a way to edit some video pool-side. Little wins.

Photo 3

Sunset. Fast-forward a few hours… and boom! Another incredible sunset over the city. A few days ago there was news of a typhoon due to hit the city. No sign!

Photo 4

Those streets are busy 24/7 in Manila.

Photo 5

Spent a few hours taking in the madness of the city.

Photo 6

Obligatory timelapse!

Photo 7

Onto more important matters. I think we ate nachos – that classic Filipino dish!

Photo 8

The chaos goes on.

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