Instagram Stories #3

You may not always catch them, but here are my Instagram Stories. A new feature on – Follow Red’s (BeAdventurous Founder) adventures via his Instagram Stories – originally posted on his Instagram.

Instagram Stories #3

Background – 26th December, and we’ve made it to Manila, Philippines 🇵🇭 Let’s explore the city!

Photo 1

Waterfront restaurant. Lonely Planet guided us to an amazing seafront Seafood restaurant. Great to chill in the sun with a few beers on our first day following our disappointment of the previous day…

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Photo 2

Intramuros. The old city is an excellent spot to spend a few hours exploring. Bonus it was well decorated for the Christmas period.

Photo 3

Wedding bells. During our exploration we walked in on a wedding venue. Be rude not to say hello 👋

Photo 4


Cool. In Manila it is hottt, the coolest place had to be this church. Unfortunately, no tourists allowed as a wedding was about to happen.

Photo 5

That view. In Intramuros, there’s only one place you get such great views, the Sky Deck at the Bayleaf Hotel.

Photo 6

Sunset. Our first sunset was a scorcher. Had a few beers and took in the sights.

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