Instagram Stories #2

You may not always catch them, but here are my Instagram Stories. A new feature on – Follow Red’s (BeAdventurous Founder) adventures via his Instagram Stories – originally posted on his Instagram.

Instagram Stories #2

Background – It’s 25th December, Christmas day and we’ve landed in the Philippines 🇵🇭 Time to collect our bags…

Photo 1

In the air. Still got a few hours flight time, but I am buzzing!

Video 1

Chaos at baggage reclaim.

Video 2

Sent in the Alpha team for this recovery operation.

Photo 2

Baggage collection. It’s an experience… I am aware most people’s blood boils easily at baggage collection, but we had to wait 2 hours due to typhoon disruptions. And it’s an absolute free for all. Sent my friend in as the conveyor belt for our flight kept on changing so we were hedging our bets between two belts…

Photo 3

Well, my bag turned up first!

Photo 4

30 minutes later, so did the other bags. By this time we’d waited 2 hours and had missed our bus.

Time to make new plans.

Photo 5

First impressions. In the taxi rank and it’s Christmassy everywhere in the Philippines (includes jingles in the chaos of baggage collection).

Photo 6

Book ahead. As we’d missed our bus out of the city that night, we needed to find somewhere to stay the night. Our Taxi driver recommended this, a pay by the hour ‘hotel’. Not actually terrible – did not review on Tripadvisor…

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