7 Best Places to See in the Philippines Now

Here are 7 best places to see in the Philippines, now.

Seeing them this instant is crucial. Whilst travelling through the numerous islands that make up the Philippines, I encountered other travellers who had the same message.

These travellers were experienced and spoke of their views on countries such as the Philippines that were still relatively untouched. As they emerge however they are rapidly ruined by growth in the Tourism industry. Buildings and hotels erected rapidly, waste materials dumped ‘out of sight’ and polluted roads. All the signs that a country was once worth visiting but had been overtaken by the industry that both facilitates you to see it’s beauty, yet erodes it.

The Philippines is one such country that has all the hallmarks of that growth. It remains beautiful, but the signs are emerging.

Until then, here are 5 places to see in the Philippines, now.

7 best places to see in the Philippines

Number 1

Puka Beach, Boracay7 best places to see in the Philippines

The island of Boracay is situated South-East of Manila and just over an hours flight from the capital.

You might read that the ‘White Beach’ is the only place to really visit on this island. Sadly you would be mistaken. The White Beach is just the most well known and accessible. Consequently that means any visit is a crowded affair.

The alternative? Hop on a trike (three wheeled motorbike contraption) and for a little more than one English pound (£) you can be taken to Puka Beach, on the North coast of the island.

There your reward awaits.

The beach is fine sand, blue waters and complimented with a few bars. This beach is in stark contrast to the densely tourist populated White Beach.

Number 2

7 best places to see in the Philippines

Any rice field, Anywhere

Choose well and you’ll be in for a treat.

It would be fair to say that a rice field alone could be a dull choice of attraction. Within the right setting it’s a beautiful sight for any traveller.

In the Philippines they are blessed with stunning rocks and landscapes that blend well together.

The image right, was taken in the shadow of Karst Mountain, Sabang, Palawan. This location has the added benefit of the Elephant Caves, nicknamed after the shape of the mountain and after the network caves that criss-cross through the rocks.

Number 3

7 best places to see in the Philippines

El Nido, Palawan

At the Northern tip of the island of Palawan (Western Philippines) is the region of El Nido.

The small town has plenty of bars, but is also the jump off point to many tours of the region including the numerous beaches and lagoons in the area.




Number 4

7 best places to see in the Philippines

Intramuros, Manila

Back in the capital, there are many many places to see and visit, but one of them stands out.

The old walled city is crying out for its numerous streets to be explored. Duck down an alley and find an inner courtyard frozen in time.

The Bayleaf Hotel also boasts views across Intramuros and further across the city.

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Number 5

7 best places to see in the Philippines

Las Cabanas Beach, Palawan

3km outside of El Nido, easily accessible on a motorbike.

Need to see the best sunsets anywhere on this island? This is the spot, in particular the bars on the edge of the beach help you pass the time on the beach until sunset.




Number 6

7 best places to see in the Philippines

Jeepney, Philippines

Hands down the best form of transport in the Philippines. Headed somewhere, to see something, hop on the back of any jeepney.

These ‘buses’ travel all across Manila and are iconic in the city. They’re style is unique to the Philippines and it’s easy to see why their popularity continues to grow.

You won’t regret taking a ride on a jeepney, just make sure it’s headed where you want to go.


Number 7

7 best places to see in the Philippines

Lagoons, Palawan

You’ll encounter numerous places to find lagoons, but my personal favourite was on a small island off the Eastern coast of a small town called Taytay.

Formerly the capital of the island of Palawan, Taytay is a much quieter and less tourist heavy area. We were offered the chance to visit one of these lagoons with just two other people. We jumped at the opportunity as it meant a much higher chance we would have the lagoon all to ourselves… See image left!



7 best places to see in the Philippines

Street Food

Given the opportunity, get yourself some street food.

You won’t regret it. Cooked to order and cheap as anything.





7 best places to see in the Philippines The Streets, Anywhere

Attempt to navigate the streets of the Philippines and you’ll earn yourself a metaphorical medal.

They’re a fun and wild challenge, whether you’re on foot or in a vehicle of some description.





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