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Adventures are created by getting out and doing. There’s no substitute.


As a keen adventurer, I am always seeking out my next location. Amongst the planning process and arranging logistics, what gear to take is very high on the agenda. Sometimes I am limited to what I can carry, other times I need a certain tool for a specific task.


So be reassured, all the products on this website come from experience in the field.

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About Us: Be Adventurous

Adventure and Travel Gear

Make your own adventure

At Be Adventurous we have always undertaken our own adventures. As a result we’ve built up great experience around the type of gear you should take on your next adventure.


Whether it’s the latest must have item or an absolute essential, we’re on top of it and have (usually) tested them out on an adventure or two.

We do our best to curate what we consider high quality gear, apparel and products for other like-minded adventurers. Reviewing our favourites when we’re on the road, and we’ll let you know what works and what doesn’t.

My Goals

I aim to share what I can, when I can relating to any of my adventures.


I find that I am always learning what works and what doesn’t for any of these situations. The goal is to share that experience with others just like me. I try to make that happen through my YouTube channel or the Be Adventurous Facebook Group.


I’ve found it amazing the amount of feedback I get from others, so please keep sharing with me your adventures.

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